Announcing our Strategic Partnership with SideChannel: Delivering Intelligence-led Cyber Risk Management Programmes

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Today, we have announced a new strategic partnership with SideChannel, a provider of cybersecurity services. 

The partnership combines SideChannel's extensive cybersecurity expertise with Darkbeam's advanced Cyber Risk Management platform to make intelligence-driven cyber risk management accessible to more businesses than ever before. 


Clients of SideChannel’s Virtual CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) and Cyber Risk Assessment offerings can benefit from Darkbeam’s automated Vulnerability Assessments – which cover all internal properties and the entire supply chain – and its extensive dark web monitoring capabilities. Combined, these enable comprehensive, effective cyber risk management and reduction. 


Brian Haugli, SideChannel's CEO said, "Any CISO will tell you cyber threat intelligence and cyber vulnerability intelligence are critical to building an effective cybersecurity program. Partnering with Darkbeam enables us to deliver even more value to our clients; ensuring them access to the most advanced tools to assess their risk exposure, predict future vulnerabilities, and respond to emerging threats. All of which are capabilities necessary to inform a comprehensive cyber-risk management program." 


Charles Clark, CEO of Darkbeam shared his enthusiasm for the partnership, saying, "We are delighted to couple our powerful Cyber Risk Management platform with SideChannel's significant leadership expertise and toolset, making highly effective cyber governance and risk reduction accessible to even more businesses. By joining forces, we can provide a comprehensive solution that empowers organisations to proactively manage cyber risks and safeguard their operations, which means, our clients can spend less energy worrying about defending themselves and more energy delivering the things that make them great." 


By integrating Darkbeam's innovative platform with SideChannel's seasoned expertise, clients of both companies can enhance their cyber resilience, ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, and protect their reputation. 


For information on how your business can implement intelligence-led cyber risk management programmes with the support of this partnership, contact us using the form below. 




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