Magic circle law firm leads the way in protecting clients from digital risk

Magic circle law firm leads the way in protecting clients from digital risk


Darkbeam, the leading experts in digital risk protection, has today announced that one of London’s most prestigious magic circle law firms is using its digital risk protection platform to help defend their clients from cyberattacks.

Due to the highly sensitive nature of the data they are responsible for protecting, security is a board-level priority for legal firms and can often be a key differentiator for potential clients.

Unfortunately, no legal firm today is immune to cyber-attack. Whether it’s attackers seeking to exploit configuration errors across sprawling and complex corporate networks or cybercriminals seeking to steal confidential and lucrative information, firms are under a sustained assault. Protecting clients and adapting the firm’s technical and security strategy to keep pace with evolving attack methodologies can easily become an all-consuming task.

A search for real-time intelligence

The firm had a forward-thinking strategy, focused on proactively identifying threats and adapting their security stature accordingly, rather than relying on a reactive approach that required significant investment and effort in remediating attacks.

Although the firm already had existing security processes in place to protect their infrastructure and data, they were looking for a new source of daily risk intelligence to support operational defence, supplier and client due diligence and committee reporting. The successful solution would need to generate timely, actionable insights that would expand the firm’s threat visibility without additional manual effort.

Embedding Darkbeam risk insights

Given the unpredictable cyber threat landscape, where sustained phishing campaigns, ransomware attacks and unauthorised data leakage are the norm, it was essential for the firm to stay one step ahead of the security status quo to protect their clients.

Although the open source intelligence tools often used by firms to detect vulnerabilities are often a good indicator of potential threats, it can be challenging to validate the intelligence gathered in order to respond and remediate at speed.

Aligned with the firm’s strategic ambitions and contractual and privacy obligations, Darkbeam’s digital risk protection platform was the ideal solution. By offering a unique approach to risk management, Darkbeam was able to identify potential data exposure as opposed to other providers in the space that tend to be focused solely on technical risks and give the firm evidence-based intelligence they could rely on.

A new level of threat visibility

Today, the firm trusts Darkbeam’s digital risk protection platform to identify a wide range of external cyber threats in seconds. Available through the browser, the SaaS platform’s digital risk insights were instantly available to help formalise the firm’s proactive intelligence KPIs in a prioritised and digestible way.

Not long after adopting Darkbeam’s automated monitoring of vulnerabilities outside the firewall, the firm’s technical team freed up significant time previously spent manually compiling threat visibility reports, allowing them to reassign resource on remediation and pre-emptive defence activities.

Going forward, the firm continues to work with Darkbeam to expand and amplify their threat intelligence capabilities and stay one step ahead of cyberattack trends as they evolve.

Charles Clark

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