Press Release: RISC Vision integrates Darkbeam Digital Risk Data into Risk Monitoring Solution

RISC Vision has joined forces with Darkbeam to offer customers the ability to monitor change in the digital risk profiles of suppliers serving their businesses.

By integrating Darkbeam's digital risk audits into RISC Vision, we fill an increasingly vital gap in the governance and controls of a company’s operations and in the overall management and understanding of third-party risk.  Cyber-attacks are expected to quadruple over the next few years leading to loss of business, reputational damage, supply-chain disruption, fines and high remediation costs.  Darkbeam’s digital risk data within RISC Vision, instantly highlights those suppliers most at risk from cyber-attack and allows RISC Vision customers to make informed choices about their overall vendor risk and investment decisions.  

Furthermore, as part of a firm’s commitment to its ESG responsibilities, digital risk metrics are an important component in the assessment of corporate governance and control.  Digital risk exposure reflects the soundness of organisational governance and control in a company’s operational resilience to adverse digital events.

Charles Clark, CEO, at Darkbeam said: “We are delighted to be partnering with RISC Vision and integrating our real-time digital risk data into their third-party risk management solution.  We believe it is important for companies to take an ethical approach to their digital risk which is embedded in the ethos of RISC Vision’s approach to delivering third-party risk metrics.”

Matthew Nelson, founder of RISC Vision, said: “We’re very excited to be working with DarkBeam to provide greater insight into third-party operational risk profiles, governance and controls.  Darkbeam’s ongoing cyber risk attack surface monitoring insight into the operational resilience of the companies our customers monitor.”

About RISC Vision

RISC Vision enables customers to easily monitor changes of state in the risk profiles of the companies that matter to their business.  RISC Vision aggregates, standardises and analyses disparate datasets allowing business-users to set thresholds and create human-readable alerts for dashboard reporting, trigger smart contracts or launch workflows.

About Darkbeam

Founded by former military and intelligence professionals, Darkbeam provides a unified solution to protect against security, brand and compliance risks across an organisation's digital infrastructure. It helps simplify complex threats and works with organisations to augment their current approach to risk.

Everyone working at Darkbeam is in the intelligence game to deliver its clients the most timely and relevant actionable digital risk insights so they can better protect their organisations. This is underpinned by relentless innovation and a deep sense of duty and service.



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