The Cyber Stars Initiative

Discover the only nationally recognised
qualification in cyber threat awareness

Cyber Training

Over 90% of all successful cyber breaches are facilitated by a lack of awareness of basic human error. Regardless of investment in infrastructure, people and ineffective behaviours are the single greatest cyber threat to any business.

To counter this challenge, Darkbeam partners with The Cyber Stars Initiative - an effective and sustainable solution to cyber security awareness training and behavioural change.

Whether you need a holistic solution for teams with limited cyber security awareness or you wish to complement existing training and risk management processes, The Cyber Stars Initiative provides an opportunity for measurable change and ongoing sustainability.

How do you keep your law firm, clients and third parties secure?
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Lasting change

Cyber Star's nationally recognised training delivers significant and lasting behavioural change alongside cyber security awareness, demonstrating that you have qualified rather than just trained your team.
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Build for teams

Whether you're an established IT practititioner or new to cyber awareness, Cyber Stars training is designed to encourage a shared responsibility and understanding of behavioural threats across the business.
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Cyber Stars workshops are engaging for learners, using interactive techniques and practical real life examples from both work and personal environments to deliver insights that are relevant in our day to day lives.

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What should you expect from cyber stars?

Cyber Stars is the only course for business users with a nationally recognised qualification attached. There are a range of courses with accreditations, yet a qualification provides a greater level of transferability is far more heavily regulated, meaning that both learners and employers can be satisfied as to what has been achieved by each individual.

Delivered as a one-day programme, either on site or at one of our venues, Cyber Stars increases engagement with security processes and changes behaviour across the breadth of an organisation.

What content is covered?

  • The Scale and Evolution of Cyber Threat
  • Threat Actors and Motivations
  • Threat Techniques (Social Engineering, Malware, Network Attack, Physical Access)
  • Home and Mobile Working Threats (WiFi, VPN, Encryption, USB, Password Security)
  • Social Media Safety (Digital Footprint leakage and protection)
  • Incident Response and Business Continuity (tailored to your organisation's messaging)
  • Supply Chain Threats (if relevant to your business model)
  • Policy Development and Implementation (tailored to your organisation's messaging)