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Cyber Threat Intelligence

Add an advanced Cyber Threat Intelligence capability to your organisation.


See the real-world cyber threats facing your business. We monitor the Dark and Deep Web, filter out the noise and arm your team with the intel they need.


Every threat report is accompanied by analysis from our veteran team. Get at-a-glance context and bespoke analysis of each threat we discover.


By filtering false-positives and providing initial analysis, we help your team get to action quicker: mitigating threats before they impact the business. 

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See what hacking communities are saying about your company.

Our Cyber Threat Intelligence service crawls the Dark Web in the same way search engines index the normal internet.

Using this information, our analysts do the hard work for you; monitoring every alert for your business or assets.

We escalate the important intelligence to your team with accompanying analysis, so you can spend more time mitigating threats and less time looking for them.

With Darkbeam as your Cyber Threat Intelligence partner, you'll gain a real-time understanding of your threat landscape to help you plan responses, allocate resources and quantify risk.