Cyber Risk Management Products for MSPs

Darkbeam unlocks the fast-growth, in-demand third-party cyber risk management market. Our powerful products offer comprehensive, accessible solutions to managing cyber risks and threats with automated vulnerability assessments and dark web monitoring.


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Wide range of price points from
£100/m - £10,000/m
Suitable for client managed licenses
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onboarding and management
Our partnership with Darkbeam allows us to provide our clients with detailed analysis of their cyber vulnerability in real-time at a neat limitless scale. Darkbeam is a popular upgrade with a short sales cycle which very quickly proves its value.
James Norrie, CEO, Cybercon IQ
Products for every price point

Complete Supplier Cyber Risk Management Capability

Empower your clients to strengthen their governance processes with actionable, automated visibility of cybersecurity risks and threats at a scale and speed they've never seen before.  

Darkbeam identifies cyber risks automatically and in seconds. Clients gain immediate cyber risk visibility of internal properties and across their entire supply chain (which causes over 60% of security incidents). Combined vulnerability assessments and dark web monitoring unlocks world-class risk governance out of the box.  

Build an optional Managed Service on top of Darkbeam's toolkit to empower any client and strengthen every relationship. 

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Predictive cyber risk intelligence platform for SMEs

Flashlight gives small and medium sized companies unprecedented visibility of the early signs of a cyber attack.  

In one dashboard your clients can track phishing domain creation, password breaches and relevant dark web activity. Darkbeam IP provides enterprise-level intelligence on an SMB budget.  
The dashboard provides pre-configured risk visibility with no setup or external feeds required. It allows companies of any size to demonstrate that they are taking proactive steps to protect sensitive data and gives their MSPs the opportunity to highlight flaws and implement remediations. 

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87% of Board members expect their cybersecurity budget to increase in the next 12 months. Darkbeam supports by exposing vulnerabilities and threats before they come to light - aiding governance processes, increasing visibility and simplifying workflows.

Solve your clients' three biggest cyber problems

Lack of time
Lack of expertise
Lack of budget
With Darkbeam's powerful platform, you solve each of these problems with one comprehensive solution. For medium and large sized clients, Darkbeam provides automated visibility of cyber risk levels across all suppliers and first party domains, supported by active dark web monitoring for those who pose the highest risk. For smaller clients, the Darkbeam IP Dashboard offers enterprise-level cyber risk vulnerability at SMB pricing. Darkbeam's toolkit is regularly wrapped in a Managed Service offering - so you can strengthen your relationships and become even more indispensable.
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Working with Darkbeam

Darkbeam is a London-based supply chain intelligence capability provider. Fuelled by innovations from Darkbeam Labs, our platforms make Cyber Risk Management accessible to Cybersecurity and Procurement teams of all sizes. 

When you work with Darkbeam, you gain more than a vendor; we approach every relationship as a true partnership. You'll have everything you expect (comprehensive sales and marketing material, regularly updated case studies and training resources) plus open two-way communication, involvement in product discussions and a favourable revenue split.

Leading with experience


Charles Clark, CEO

Charles is an experienced senior executive, having been CEO of a publicly listed business for over a decade. He understands that great partnerships are formed when everyone succeeds together.
Paul square

Paul Kenealy, COO

Paul is an accomplished leader in the cybersecurity industry, with a wide range of experience across private and government sectors. Paul has been a public CISO, Big Four consultant and was Director of Threat Intelligence at Digital Shadows.

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Explore the ways Darkbeam's comprehensive products can transform your clients' visibility of cyber risk. 

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