Cyber Risk Management Solution for Professional Services Firms

Your clients rely on you to offer effective solutions that manage their cybersecurity risks. With the increasing threat of incidents in the supply chain, Darkbeam's groundbreaking technology powers in-demand third-party Vulnerability Intelligence and Threat Intelligence offerings in one fast, scalable platform.


Instant Vulnerability
Continuous Dark Web
Efficient, Reliable Delivery
at Scale
Partnering with Darkbeam enables us to deliver even more value to our clients; ensuring them access to the most advanced tools to assess their risk exposure, predict future vulnerabilities, and respond to emerging threats. All of which are capabilities necessary to inform a comprehensive cyber-risk management program.
Brian Haugli, CEO, SideChannel
Streamlined platform

Continuous Dark Web Monitoring for Real-World Threats

Offer in-demand Threat Intelligence services, powered by continuous dark web monitoring.

Darkbeam's dark web monitoring capability makes it fast and easy to offer Threat Intelligence services to clients. Monitor the dark web for keywords (such as the client's brand or key suppliers) and receive alerts when they are triggered. 

You'll get immediate access to screenshots, transcripts and meta-data for each alert. All delivered through our bespoke, curated dark web indexing technology; so your time is spent delivering value, not analysing false positives.

Automated Cyber Vulnerability Assessments at Scale

Give your clients visibility into cyber risk levels throughout their supply chain.  

Darkbeam's fully automated Vulnerability Assessment technology makes it possible to deliver complete cyber risk reports for an entire supply chain in a matter of seconds. 

You'll gain instant assessments, automated monitoring and multi-tier reporting for each client in the same platform that powers your Threat Intelligence service. So your clients benefit from best-in-class risk governance and incident response services and you can deliver it all from one streamlined toolkit.

87% of Board members expect their cybersecurity budget to increase in the next 12 months. Darkbeam gives you the technology to offer distinctive services which give your clients valuable risk and threat visibility.

Solve your clients' three biggest cyber problems

Lack of time
Lack of expertise
Lack of visibility
Using Darkbeam's powerful platform, you solve each of these problems with one solution. Our streamlined toolkit allows you to deliver a comprehensive cyber risk management service that shows instant value to clients and prioritises efficiency for you and your team. Stand out and become indispensable. Speak to us about Darkbeam for Professional Services.
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Working with Darkbeam

Darkbeam is a London-based supply chain intelligence capability provider. Fuelled by innovations from Darkbeam Labs, our platform makes it significantly easier to deliver world-class cyber risk management solutions to your clients. 

We approach each relationship as a true partnership. You'll gain access to our highly experienced team of cybersecurity experts and regular trend reports, supporting you and your team in delivering best-in-class services that keep clients engaged.

Explore Darkbeam for your clients

Explore the ways Darkbeam's comprehensive products can transform your clients' visibility of cyber risk. 

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