Darkbeam Labs

Creating technology that accelerates customer value


Darkbeam is founded on the principal of using technology to identify and expose digital risk to a mass audience.

To ensure we continue to develop the best technology available for our customers, we have created Darkbeam Labs with a focus on
identifying problems that can be solved by technology, which extends our capabilities and creates continuous value.


Darkbeam Labs aims to:

  • Provide a voice for our customers and partners to suggest new ideas for the product roadmap
  • Incubate new ideas and assess their value to our users
  • Research relevant industry initiatives and implement appropriate developments
  • Create industry leading technical capabilities
  • Accelerate the utility of key technologies and practices
  • Rapidly deliver constant and consistent value to our customers and partners

Darkbeam Labs

Solving problems with technology

Darkbeam Labs focus is on solving problems with innovation.

We work closely with our customers, partners and market specialists to get feedback and suggestions for the Labs, which is then assessed and prioritised by the Lab Teams for inclusion within the program. 

Each Lab task will be scrutinised through every step of development and either integrated in to the platform; added to the roadmap; or on the rare occasion deemed not suitable for further development. 

If you would like to get involved in Darkbeam Labs or would like more information please contact the Darkbeam Labs Team by completing this form.