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Cyber Security for Healthcare

The healthcare sector is a frequent target for ransomware attacks.
Darkbeam provides healthcare organisations (including renowned teaching institutions) across the world with access to detailed risk analysis and actionable threat intelligence capabilities.
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Supplier Security

Monitor suppliers' security postures to reduce the risk of data loss and service disruption resulting from attacks on external suppliers and providers.

Threat Detection

Be alerted to specific threats affecting your organisation, including active campaigns. Monitored by Darkbeam's team of experienced cyber analysts.

Global Context

Receive monthly reports into cyber security trends affecting Healthcare. Enabling you to pro-actively allocate resources and minimise impact.

Assess, monitor and mitigate third-party risk with Darkbeam's powerful Horizon platform. 

Horizon automatically scans all of your vendors and suppliers to reveal potential weaknesses in their cyber stance which could have an impact on your organisation.

Near-instant Risk Scores and unlimited assessments mean you can quantify and prioritise your third-party risk without time-consuming processes.

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Gain access to real-world threat intelligence and thorough, expert analysis. 

Darkbeam's Cyber Threat Intelligence service adds a proactive capability to your organisation, continuously monitoring Dark Web and Deep Web activity, assessing threats and escalating the most relevant to your team - managed by Darkbeam's experienced analysts.

Add a full Threat Intelligence capability to your business. 

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