Horizon Benefits

Minimise the threat of your digital ecosystem being exploited with on-demand audits delivered in seconds
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Track a domain and groups of domains with Horzion’s Watchlists

  • Use a CSV to bulk upload an existing list of domains into a new watchlist, or create the watchlist from scratch in-app.  
  • View high level summary data for an instant view of the risk presented by a group of domains. 
  • Dig into the raw data for each domain in the watchlist to understand any potential risk in detail. 

Generate an on-demand audits in seconds

  • Quickly understand a domains digital risk with high-level summary information. 
  • Go deeper into the data and analyse each data point individually to understand each risk level 
  • Generate a shareable link for reports which can be accessed by anyone with the link. 
Horizon Brochure

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Understand the level of threat with Horizon’s CyberIQ

  • Determine to level of threat a domain/group of domains poses with Cyber IQ (Cyber Intelligence Quotient)
  • Track the Cyber IQ over time and get instantly notified of any changes (coming soon)

Get instantly alerted of any changes to your data

  • Be notified via email and in-app of changes to your watched domains and groups. 
  • Create and configure custom notifications and be alerted when it really matters (coming soon)
  • Integrate Horizon’s alerting module into Slack and other third party tools (coming soon)

Map to MITRE ATT&CK framework to easily understand how that vulnerability is used in a wider attack

  • Map to CVE’s for up-to-date threat picture
  • Make informed decisions for surgical remediation
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Interactive Investigations for single domains

  • Dig a level deeper and view the raw data that Darkbeam gathers to build a picture of the subject domains cyber posture and digital footprint. 
  • Check for exposed and breached emails that has been publicly found using the specific domain
  • Discover the domain’s vulnerabilities in over 50 unique checks including DNS, HTTPS, Website Policy checker, Favicon use, SSL, Cloud Storage etc.

Expand your digital risk insights with Horizon’s Data

  • Integrate into another platform using Darkbeam’s API
  • Export and upload the data via CSV for further analysis
  • Third party SIEM integration coming soon

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