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Every day, billions of records, images, social media posts and documents are uploaded to the open internet. This critical mass of data holds significant intelligence potential; in fact, the world’s largest security agencies acknowledge that up to 95% of all intelligence is based on publicly available data.

Unfortunately, finding relevant insights inside the noise can often feel like an impossible task, with significant levels of skill, resources and research capability needed to surface key pieces of information.

If your organisation is looking to identify and mitigate future online threats, a Darkbeam Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Report can be an invaluable asset to support your operational objectives.

We collect relevant information across the open internet, validate that data, and give you the consolidated information back in a comprehensive, detailed report that is free from bias.

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For enterprise security

For enterprises, OSINT reports offer extensive value for activities that require heightened levels of due diligence e.g. mergers and acquisitions and internal investigations.
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For professional services firms

For professional services firms, such as accountants and law firms, OSINT reports offer an ideal opportunity to offer new value to your clients and baseline the online footprint of key accounts
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For auditors and investigators

For auditors, investigators and law enforcement agencies, OSINT reports deliver evidence-based facts and summaries that can help to build a case that holds up under scrutiny.

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If you’re looking to identify key insights, vulnerabilities and connections across the open internet, a Darkbeam OSINT Report can help you.

Our investigators typically deliver findings as a written report, but in-person briefings, consultancy services and classroom-based OSINT training are also available on request. Get in touch today to find out more.