IoT Digital Risk Assurance

Verify the security performance of connected devices in your supply chain

As cyberattacks via third parties become increasingly likely, it's now essential to identify and manage cyber threats in your supply chain.

If you introduce IoT devices into your supply chain from vendors that don't follow best practices around updating firmware or transmitting sensitive data securely, attackers will be quick to exploit these weak defences and infiltrate your business.

Darkbeam has created our IoT Digital Risk Assurance service to help procurement teams instantly assess the cyber threats and risks of the products and vendors they're engaging with. 

It's now easy for buyers to make simple product and vendor security comparisons without the need for technical expertise.



This service helps procurement professionals to close the gap between technical requirements and business objectives and can be tailored to your risk appetite to help you make sourcing decisions with confidence.


Designed with non-technical purchasing teams in mind, our service rapidly maps cyber threats and vulnerabilities to your taxonomy to help buyers identify secure options when selecting vendors and products.


If you need additional insight, this service is also supported by risk analysis reports prepared by our professional services team, to help you assess the potential business and financial impact of insecure products, categories and buyers.

With Darkbeam IoT Digital Risk Assurance, you no longer have to rely on the security claims suppliers make. We give you verifiable evidence that helps non-technical buyers instantly understand the risk a purchase presents to the wider business' security. ​

High performing procurement teams can use this service to:

  • Measure the cyber security of each product and supplier in your supply chain

  • Report on supplier security performance against your risk appetite

  • Use cybersecurity as as evaluation metric to drive performance

  • Prevent unauthorised network access and strengthen business continuity


If you’re looking to make purchasing decisions with confidence and avoid products with weak security, Darkbeam's IoT Digital Risk Assurance service can help you.


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