Attacks targeting MSPs are on the rise, as cyber criminals consistently find innovative new ways to harvest MSP credentials and use remote access tools to infect an entire client base with ransomware.
The penalties are harsh for MSPs who do not take digital risk seriously; security breaches are the number one reason an MSP loses a client. ​
Darkbeam is helping MSPs to proactively protect your clients by actively monitoring your network for external vulnerabilities in real-time. Our solutions help you instantly boost your compliance offering to clients, with minimum manual intervention required.

Expand your visibility beyond the firewall

  • Our non-invasive solutions monitor external cyber posture to give you a hacker's eye view of your client base
  • Group multiple domains per client for a comprehensive view of their cyber risk

Drill down into the diagnostic detail

  • See how your digital risks break down across your client base, or dive into the technical detail of how individual clients are performing
  • Explore individual risk elements designed by remediation experts for actionable, relevant vulnerability intelligence

A new service offering and a new source of revenue

  • Offer Darkbeam digital risk reports as a white label product to augment your existing security services
  • Embed cyber exposure monitoring into your clients' ongoing compliance initiatives
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