A New Source of Purchasing Insight

A large European energy provider worked with Darkbeam to improve their procurement team's risk mitigation strategy.

The Challenge

The energy provider needed to purchase advanced electronic monitoring equipment but was concerned about the security of the sensitive data acquired and analysed by this type of product. The potential vulnerabilities from this type of equipment are complex, but a major target for cybercriminals and state-sponsored cyber. The procurement team needed to understand which equipment represented the least amount of digital risk, while still meeting functionality and affordability requirements.

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Our Solution

Darkbeam analysed the bill of materials and transactional data for each relevant component in both the client's and the suppliers' systems. This data was then classified to the client's taxonomy and each equipment component and subcomponent was assigned a digital risk score. The individual risk scores were then consolidated at the product and supplier level, to provide a user-friendly source of insight that enabled to procurement team to easily analyse and compare the equipment on a like for like basis.

The Results

By creating this new source of risk intelligence, the procurement team has access to the relevant information they need to benchmark and compare the security of products. This has accelerated decision making within the wider business and led to a reduction in digital risk of sensitive products purchased. Darkbeam's Digital Risk Scores have supported the client to translate technical complexity into simple, actionable information that can be used to collaborate with suppliers and ensure the digital risk impact of their products are minimised. 


Going forward, the client now has access to a cost-effective, scalable and repeatable solution to analyse other product categories that may pose a threat to the business. Today, the procurement team has seamlessly embedded digital risk into their existing process to ensure that the optimal products are sourced and deployed.


“We are leading the way in helping organisations combat the rising complexity and costs of identifying and containing a data breach. We trust in Darkbeam technology to monitor the surface and dark web so our clients can identify any suspicious activities and swiftly take action.”

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