With cyber exposure, security and digital risk top of the agenda in most boardrooms, Darkbeam has had the opportunity to work with a wide range of organisations. 


If you'd like to know what a successful use case could look like for your organisation, read on to find out more about some recent projects our team has worked on. ​


In our always-on world, business for SMEs is simply not possible without an online presence. Unfortunately as more and more critical business documents and data are stored across complex networks, the level of risk grows significantly.


This fragile balance betweek risk and reward has led to digital risk protection becoming the single biggest differentiator for banks looking to attract and retain SME customers. 


In 2019, a multinational financial services company reached out to Darkbeam for help. Their mission was clear: substantially expand the range of resource and expert insights they offered to protect their SME customers from cyber crimes. 


Darkbeam's ability to calculate an organisation's vulnerabilities in real-time allows the bank to now offer best-practice cyber security insights at scale to their entire SME audience. 


Today we're proud to provide our extensive Digital Risk Report to the bank's SME customer base, giving instant access to a hacker's view of online vulnerabilities and detailing actionable steps to mitigate cyber risk.


58% of successful cyber attack victims were small businesses with fewer than 250 employees
- 2018 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report
It's a pleasure to support the hard work police officers around the UK do to keep us all safe from cybercrime and digital risk. Serving these exemplary police forces is not just a personal milestone for Darkbeam but also underpins the hard work and innovation that our team has been achieved.

- Justin Leary

Darkbeam Co-Founder


At a time when UK cybercrime victims lose £190,000 a day, it's essential for police forces to have access to powerful cyber intelligence solutions that are immediately deployable.​


Whether it's in response to an attach as it unfolds or as part of the police's proactive approach to cyber criminals, the Darkbeam platform has now allowed two forces to add innovative DRP tools to their investigative arsenal as a cost that is affordable and mindful of the taxpayer.  


Following a development period underpinned by the latest theories in machine learning alongside Darkbeam founders' policing experience, the resulting Darkbeam Digital Risk Protection platform consolidates information and establishes insights from both dark networks and the surface web. 


The platform has materially accelerated productivity as vast quantities of information can now be analysed in real-time to discover patterns of criminal behaviour and deliver intelligence that was previously out of reach. 

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