As more and more of the procurement and sourcing lifecycle moves online, the
opportunities for hackers to infiltrate an organisation has grown exponentially.
In the current climate of record fines for data breaches and customer privacy
violations, ignorance is no longer sustainable.
Darkbeam is helping teams to embed digital risk insights into existing
procurement processes.
Our solutions provide the intelligence you need to
identify high-risk suppliers and productively engage with vendors to help them
understand which issues need to be remediated.

Make sourcing decisions with confidence

  • Improve due diligence during the sourcing process
  • Use digital risk to shortlist suppliers and help make final award decisions

Embed digital risk into your supplier performance criteria

  • Continuous threat monitoring during the contract lifecycle
  • Audit a supplier's digital risk as part of the renewals process

Meet your compliance and regulatory requirements

  • Ensure connectivity to suppliers complies with security best practice
  • Build security standards requirements into contracts


When it comes to protecting sensitive company information and maintaining
business as usual, the supply chain presents a significant risk for organisations.
Regardless of investment in infrastructure, people both internally and across your
supply base should act as the first line of defence against cyber threats.
Cybercriminals rely on human error to compromise interconnected software and
systems across the supply chain. Anyone using a laptop or mobile device at work,
on the move or at home is potentially a risk.
To help our clients combat this challenge, we offer cyber awareness training
designed for procurement and supply chain professionals. Our interactive Cyber
Stars sessions help users to understand business email compromise attacks and
other cybercrime methods they're likely to encounter.
To date we've helped organisations including HSBC, AON and Barclays to improve
their cyber security processes and establish lasting behavioural change.


If you'd like to find out how Darkbeam can help your organisation, contact us today and one of our digital risk experts will get in touch.

A data-led approach is the best way to guarantee a healthy
supply chain, mitigate risk and ensure companies are fully
prepared for change.

- Brian Alster, Global Head of Supply & Compliance, Dun
& Bradstreet
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