The smartest way to identify your digital risks.

The Darkbeam Digital Risk Score, empowering organisations to instantly reveal their critical cyber vulnerabilities.

As attackers use increasingly sophisticated methods to target and exploit organisations, accurately evaluating your organisation's level of digital risk has never been harder.

That's why we've created the Darkbeam Digital Risk Score - a single, easy to understand rating that reveals your company's exposure to digital risks and the probability of a success hack. 


Our Digital Risk Scores are generated on demand so you only see actionable, accurate insights that need to be prioritised and remediated.


Our proprietary intelligence gathering methods are built on the deepest data set in the market and used every day by law enforcement agencies.


Your score is a single number that shows your level of digital risk at a glance - ideal for sharing with stakeholders and non-technical users.

Using your domain as a starting point, we look at your content, hosting, code and database records to identify vulnerabilities that make your organisation a target to attackers. Our process is non-invasive, and gives you results in just seconds.

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