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Risk assess your entire supply chain

Upload your entire supply chain to your Darkbeam account in seconds. All you need is the domain names and we do the rest. Extensive reports are returned to you within less than 10 seconds. We use the domain to identify vulnerabilities, data breaches, stolen credentials, plus additional issues from the dark web and surface web.

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Your Guide to Digital Risk in the Supply Chain

With supply chain cyber-attacks on the rise, this this user-friendly eBook will help you assess and mitigate future cyber-attacks to or through your supply chain. 

Instant real-time alerts to new digital risks

Instant notifications allow you to take immediate action against any changes to your risk profile. Darkbeam is built on a proprietary persistent crawler and uses lightning-fast workflows to generate results in real-time. No waiting around, no outdated results - just accurate information that you can trust.

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Available as a SaaS Platform or as an API

Analyse your risk with our preparatory SaaS platform - report on unlimited supply chain companies in seconds - and monitor and measure changes. Darkbkbeam also has an API which can be integrated into other systems including procurement systems, ERP and other  software applications and apps.

“This new source of data makes it even easier for procurement teams to make intelligent buying decisions”


Detailed security breakdowns

Helping you to get to the root of any security issues

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