Take Control of Third-Party Cyber Risk

Fully automated cyber security risk assessments, delivered in seconds by our powerful Horizon platform.

  • Detailed, actionable cyber security audits
  • Grouped watchlists for at-a-glance analysis
  • Easily shared across departments and third parties
Monitor third party
suppliers and partners
Instantly access high level
analysis and granular risk profiles
Share domain
reports with one click
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Automated Cyber Risk Assessments

Upload your supply chain to your Darkbeam Horizon account in seconds. All you need is the domain names and we do the rest.

Our advanced digital risk audit platform will conduct a detailed assessment mapped against the MITRE ATT&CK® framework. For each supplier. In seconds. 

Extensive reports are returned almost instantly. See a holistic score for your entire supply chain, drill down into individual suppliers and share reports with one click. 

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Supplier Security Evaluations in Seconds

Assess, audit and monitor all of your suppliers in a click. Darkbeam automates the manual tasks of a supplier audit and provides valuable analysis of every partner, supplier and domain in your risk portfolio. So your Infosec and Procurement teams can do more in less time. 



Instant Analysis

Enter any supplier for a detailed and actionable breakdown of their security risk profile in seconds.

Easy Comparison

See changes to your risk landscape with a click. So you know where to focus your attention next.

Powerful Detection

Instantly check for breached email addresses, search for exposed cloud storage and monitor domain permutations.
Investigate immediately

Clear Reporting

Automatically generate clear reports, prioritised by risk and ready to share with stakeholders.

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The best way to understand what Darkbeam can do for your business is to see it in action. We would love to learn more about your company and how we can help make it more secure. 

During your call, you will:

  • See how Darkbeam can provide instant, detailed analysis of your risk ecosystem
  • Experience how your team can monitor and mitigate potential risks on a partner-by-partner basis
  • Receive an actionable report into your current threat landscape

Three Levels of Risk Management in One Platform

Darkbeam's powerful, fully automated cyber intelligence platform is a valuable tool to help protect your company's cyber and reputational risks in-house and throughout your supply chain.


Cyber Risk Management

Effortlessly monitor your cyber risk and exposure to potential bad actors. From exposed cloud storage to poor configuration across your entire supply chain.

Reputation Risk Management

Easily identify reputational risks throughout your supply chain. From blacklisted company URLs to potentially damaging hosting relationships.

In-House Risk Awareness

Highlight risks within your own systems. Including compromised email addresses and malicious domain permutations that could be used in attacks on your clients.
Digital Risk in the Supply Chain

Report: Digital Risk in the Supply Chain

With supply chain cyber-attacks on the rise, this this user-friendly eBook will help you assess and mitigate future cyber-attacks to or through your supply chain. 

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