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Founded by former military and intelligence professionals, Darkbeam specialises in delivering relevant and actionable cyber threat insights so organisations can stay one step ahead.

Our Solutions

No downloads. No lengthy implementations. You can start using our solutions today from your browser. Discover your critical digital vulnerabilities in just seconds.

Our Clients

Whether you're looking at your own digital risk or evaluating the security standards of the organisations connected to you and your data, we're here to help. 



We've developed a non-invasive technology that instantly gives you a hacker's eye view of your organisation. Using your domain as a starting point, we identify any vulnerabilities that could be exploited by attackers. Need more detail? We surface your data breaches, stolen credentials and more from the dark and surface web.


Darkbeam solutions are built on our proprietary persistent crawler and lightning-fast workflows to generate your results in real-time. No waiting around, no outdated results just accurate information that you can trust. 


"This new source of data makes it even easier for procurement teams to make intelligent buying decisions"

Procurement and Supply Chain

With thousands of companies in the average supply chain, it can be impossible to evaluate and monitor the security standards of your vendors. We make it easy to visualise the digital risk of your entire supply base and automatically identify any issues.

MSPs and Technical Teams

Whether you're an internal IT team looking to expand your threat assessment outside the firewall or a service provider that needs to monitor multiple clients at once, Darkbeam makes it easy to capture the technical detail you need to act.

Professional Services

If you're providing professional services, cyberattacks and data breaches are an increasing threat to business as usual. Darkbeam solutions help you to flag your clients' critical cyber vulnerabilities so you can advise them with confidence.


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