Identify the third parties that pose your biggest cyber risk

Darkbeam Third Party Risk gives you rapid insight into your vendors and partners' cybersecurity standards

In a complex security landscape where 59% of companies have experienced a data breach caused by a third party in the last year, mapping and managing your third party cyber risk is mission critical.

That's why we've created Darkbeam Third Party Risk - a user-friendly solution that makes it simple to aggregate and visualise your third parties' cyber threats in a single dashboard and instantly identify the biggest risks that attackers might look to exploit. 

Our smart uploader tool makes it simple, just add the organisations and domains you want to monitor and we'll do the rest. 

Darkbeam Third Party Risk builds high-level summaries into every report, so you can instantly share summaries with your stakeholders and third-parties to support compliance, security and procurement processes.


Need to assess more organisations? No problem. Our solution scales with your business so you can add more domains and groups to track as your objectives evolve.


For every organisation you track, we create an underlying diagnostic report that breaks down each risk category into detailed elements for faster remediation.


Our simple browser-based design aligns with your existing infrastructure so you can start working today without a lengthy implementation project.

We're here to help you start automating your most resource-intensive risk assessment processes and help your third parties to close security gaps before your operations and profit margins can be disrupted. ​

Want to know more? Try it today, get in touch with our demo team.

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