A Managed Service for Supplier Cyber Risk Management


Gain instant access to expertise and best practices that transform your Supplier Cyber Risk Management. We partner with many of the top Managed Service providers in the world, so you can take control of cyber risk among suppliers, respond to incidents as they happen and future-proof your governance practices in a scalable, cost-effective way.



Supplier Cyber Risk Management
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Darkbeam's data and support are a valuable component of BT Sourced's risk management workflow. Being able to identify vulnerabilities in our suppliers instantly allows our team to make informed decisions that increase resilience across all categories.
Cyril Pourrat, Chairman, BT Sourced

Cyber experts. On demand.

Your business is more likely to be impacted by a cyber incident targeting a supplier than one directly aimed at you. But your vendors can feel like a black hole of unmeasured, unmitigated risk. 

Working with an experienced Managed Service provider gives you cost-effective access to best-in-class technologies and processes that manage previously unseen cybersecurity risks. We only partner with proven, effective providers - so you can be confident that you’re getting the best third-party risk management service, powered by the most advanced technologies.

Don’t let time and budget constraints hold your business back from cyber risk governance. Speak to us about partnering with a Managed Service provider you can trust.

Cyber incidents cause 50% of all supply chain disruption. But Procurement teams can't be expected to have the expertise or time to manage it comprehensively. 

Darkbeam's expert Partners slot seamlessly into your team and workflow, providing the experienced guidance you need to engage with suppliers effectively about cybersecurity risks.

You will gain full reporting of cyber risk levels among suppliers, alerting (using dark web monitoring) when a key supplier suffers a breach and strategic support to future-proof your cyber risk governance approach.

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Quickly gain the scalability and cost-effective resources of a Managed Service to support your third-party cyber risk management.

Darkbeam's Partners can help your in-house cybersecurity team by managing risks at scale, analysing supply-chain-based threats, and expanding your risk controls, freeing your existing professionals to focus on their core competencies.

Gain external, industry-wide context and focused third-party cyber risk management with a comprehensive Managed Service, tailored to your own specific requirements.

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Explore a Managed Service for your business

We partner with exceptional Managed Service providers who can deliver impactful, cost-effective cyber risk management solutions using Darkbeam's powerful technology. 

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