Simplify and standardise your digital risk reporting.

Darkbeam Digital Risk Reports surface your cyber vulnerabilities and critical security priorities.

As organisations continue to connect new devices, people and partners to their networks, the potential attack surface for hackers has never been larger.

That's why we've created Darkbeam Digital Risk Reports - a user-friendly breakdown of your online vulnerabilities that could be exploited by malicious actors. 


Your report breaks down your vulnerabilities into seven categories of risk including exposure, DNS, SSL, blacklists and more.


When it comes to avoiding cyberattacks, timing is everything. We generate your report in seconds so you can stay one step ahead.


Darkbeam Digital Risk reports surface a lot of the key insights and technical detail you'd expect from a pen test, at a fraction of the price.

Using your domain as a starting point, we look at your headers, hosting, code and database records to give you a hacker's eye view of your organisation. Our process is non-invasive, and you'll receive a full report on your priority vulnerabilities that need to be remediated before they can be exploited.

Darkbeam Digital Risk Reports are available on-demand purchased individually or unlimited via our Saas platform.

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