Avoiding Reputational Risk

A UK-based accountancy firm turned to Darkbeam to improve their cyber posture and protect their brand.

The Challenge

As part of reviewing an organisation's business risk strategy, an accountancy firm required a holistic appraisal of their cyber posture and online exposure. The firm was using cloud-based services from a 'high street' service provider to host its IT infrastructure as a cost reduction exercise, but the service provider's security standards and overall performance were difficult to evaluate.


Our Solution

Darkbeam reviewed the firm's key domains and digital footprint and generated a Digital Risk Report for the company in seconds. The Digital Risk Report provided diagnostic detail outlining priority risk elements for remediation, alongside an easily understood Digital Risk Score and summary for non-technical users.

The Results

The 'Exposure' category of the Digital Risk Report identified that the firm was sharing their nameserver with approximately 20 other domains; further detail in the report revealed that the vast majority of those 20 domains were pornographic in nature. This information is publicly available and was considered by the firm to be reputationally damaging. It also posed a risk as such sites are frequently targeted by malicious attacks such as DDOS and any disruption on the shared server would cause collateral damage to the firm's services and business continuity. 


Supported by the information in the Digital Risk Report, the accountancy firm was able to contact their service provider and request that their domain was moved onto an environment with a more suitable range of businesses, thereby mitigating the risks identified.


“Darkbeam provides the missing piece of insight you need to establish 360-degree business risk visibility”
John Kirby, CEO, Accelerate Procurement

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