Manage cyber risk across every supplier

Cybersecurity incidents are a major cause of supply chain disruption. Darkbeam makes measuring and managing those risks faster and easier than ever - across every supplier.  



Automated supplier cyber risk management

Measuring cybersecurity risk across all suppliers in a supply chain is a key step in protecting your business from disruption and harm; but businesses typically struggle to balance the costs, time and expertise required. With Darkbeam, those issues are immediately addressed, leaving your team free to operate with consistent, reliable data to guide their decisions.

Darkbeam automates the process of monitoring cybersecurity risk among suppliers, applying the same transparent standard of testing to each within seconds and re-assessing daily, weekly or monthly to ensure that your team always have the latest, most accurate data possible in the ever-changing cyber risk landscape. 

Cyber incidents cause 50% of all supply chain disruption. But Supplier Cyber Risk Management is seen as a significant challenge for Procurement teams of all sizes.  

Darkbeam makes it fast and easy to fully understand the level of cyber risk across entire categories and supply chains. In a few clicks, you can identify suppliers with risks to be addressed, uncover specific issues to resolve and provide category-wide cyber risk reports.

Efficient, comprehensive supplier cyber risk management reduces the likelihood of operational, financial and reputational harm resulting from cybersecurity incidents among suppliers. With Darkbeam's additional dark web monitoring for suppliers holding sensitive information, it is a best-practice approach to managing an ever-present risk.

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Your business's supply chain doesn't need to be a black hole of concern for cyber risk. Darkbeam provides supply-chain-wide risk visibility (for every supplier) in an actionable, consistent format supported by detailed, reproducible data.

When third-party risk management programmes rely upon manual interpretation of risk levels, they become time consuming and difficult to monitor. These issues are amplified when non-technical colleagues are required to give their input. Darkbeam alleviates these concerns with total automation and immediate access to data. 

For suppliers with system access or sensitive information, Darkbeam offers dark web monitoring for cybersecurity incidents, allowing you to instigate response plans to protect data and operations - often before the supplier is even aware of the issue.

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Free Darkbeam accounts allow you to perform an unlimited number of assessments against suppliers and access their full reports. You can even schedule a limited number for automatic re-assessment and monitoring. 

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