HorizonProtect FAQs

What additional value does HorizonProtect add?
Recent increases in cyberattacks have made obtaining cyber insurance difficult for SMBs, but Darkbeam's best-in-class security program allows us to offer HorizonProtect as a differentiated solution for specific cyber risks that can put you out of business. Bundled with our ransomware, business email compromise, and compliance products, it certifies against up to $500k of damage from these risks. If specific elements of our tools or services are hacked, you won’t be charged for the first $500k of remediation. We can pay your ransoms, regulatory fines, and legal costs and even reimburse lost income and downtime. HorizonProtect gives you confidence that if you experience certain cyber events despite our platform, you aren’t left holding the bag. HorizonProtect may also automatically qualify you for cyber insurance.

Is HorizonProtect insurance?
No, it is a subscription based service guarantee powered by Cysurance and bundled with our solutions. There are no applications or underwriting, you pay no premiums to Cysurance, and there is no claim adjustment. If an eligible incident occurs, we verify it with log/event data, confirm a few simple conditions (see below), and are paid by Cysurance so we can fix your problem free of charge. If you paid ransoms or fines directly, you are reimbursed.

What does it cover (and for how much)?
HorizonProtect responds to one event per year, per client - even if all components are not exhausted.

  • Ransom/BEC: ransomware, including remediation and ransoms, or a business email compromise (BEC) resulting in funds transfer or invoice fraud, including remediation and lost funds ($100,000 / yr);
  • Compliance Event: a cyber breach that triggers GDPR, HIPAA, PCI, OSHA, and/or state related violations and results in a regulatory penalty, fine, or related expenses ($100,000 / yr);
  • Legal Liability: a suit arising out of a cyberattack, including loss or misuse of data, or a media peril related to your website where legal defense and settlement costs are incurred ($250,000 / yr);
  • Business Interruption: a security breach that results in the loss of business income (net profit or loss before income taxes), and/or any continuing operating expenses affected by it. ($50,000 / yr).

For convenience, all protection values are quoted in US$.

How much does it cost?
To view our Packages click here.  Alternatively please contact a Darkbeam representative.

How are claims made?
If you suffer an eligible event, notify Darkbeam immediately (or Cysurance, as per terms of your agreement), who provides Cysurance the required technical details within 48 hours. We approve payments and/or begin agreed remediation in another 48 hours. Continuing costs like legal fees are reimbursed according to an approved timeline, and any payments you make (ransoms, fines) are reimbursed directly.

Can you explain more about the remediation element of HorizonProtect?
If you are affected by an eligible event (Business Email Compromise / Ransomware) HorizonProtect covers the cost of remediating the impact of that event, up to $100,000. If you are unable to undertake the remediation work yourself, Darkbeam partners with a number of MSSPs with proven playbooks for leading incident response efforts. Darkbeam and the MSSP can manage the remediation process for you, from immediate triage and strategic response to accountable execution and long-term risk reduction recommendations. You may use any or all of the MSSP’s solutions as needed.

Is there a deductible?
No, we pay your full loss up to the values specified - though a $5,000 minimum loss is required.

Are there any conditions I have to satisfy?
Once enrolled in HorizonProtect, there are a few conditions:

  • You must perform commercially reasonable measures to undertake preventative maintenance, including patching that is up to date within 60 days of the software manufacturer’s release cycle.
  • You should have implemented multifactor authentication (MFA) on your systems with a minimum requirement of all users with email access.
  • You have deployed an offline backup solution for critical business data.
  • You adhere to any privacy and security policies to which you are subject, including but not limited to PCI, HIPAA, and SEC standards.
  • You will need to show you have implemented and documented completion of security awareness training for employees and contractors.
  • The warranty cannot be decoupled from a Darkbeam Horizon licence.

How is Business Interruption calculated?
Business interruption loss is the net profit or loss before income tax that would have been earned or incurred had no loss occurred, and/or continuing operating expenses affected by the breach, as calculated in the reasonable discretion of Cysurance. Depending on your agreement, business income is calculated as 90-180 days of average revenue multiplied by the number of days of network downtime.

Do I still need cyber insurance?
HorizonProtect does not replace or augment cyber insurance. Depending on the size and nature of your company, you may need broader protection and/or higher limits than those available with HorizonProtect.

How does HorizonProtect impact my cyber insurance?
It does not change coverages or terms of a cyber insurance policy, but it may increase your insurability and reduce premiums. Many insurers are aware of our program's ability to eliminate or reduce potential cyber insurance claims. Cysurance can coordinate with your carrier to ensure proper notification of, and credit for, this additional protection.

What happens in a loss if I have HorizonProtect and cyber insurance?
There may be potential coordination between these products if the event is large enough or has a broad enough scope to exceed the protection included in HorizonProtect.

Do we have to commit to a minimum term for the warranty?
Yes. There is a minimum commitment of 12 months.

How is payment taken?
As part of the sign-up process we will confirm your preferred payment options, either a monthly upfront or annual upfront invoice.  Paying annually in advance attracts a 9% discount on the monthly fee.


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