Meet cyberconIQ


cyberconIQ is the most effective and advanced Risk Management Platform that goes far beyond traditional training programs to substantially lower the probability and costs of cyber breaches. Our proven solutions leverage CYBERology™ – the intersection of cybersecurity and psychology, for the most effective and efficient offering on the market.

Services and Solutions

cyberconIQ is an innovative solution that enables a company to substantially reduce cyber risk through our patent-pending myQ Style Assessment, cybermetrIQs Risk Dashboard and unIQue Adaptive Learning Platform, phishFixIQ training and more. cyberconIQ’s approach tackles total cybersecurity risk from a unique perspective, targeting management’s attention on the human elements first.


Our Risk Management Platform has proven to demonstrate the following benefits:

  • 56% more self-reported changes in on-the-job behavior than generic alternatives,

  • 1.6 times better recall at 30-day retests,

  • generated approximately 40% fewer IOC’s (Incidents of Concern)

  • reduced phishing failures by up to 75%

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