Meet Kloudwerk


Kloudwerk, founded in 2019, is part of the Socius Technologies Limited group, a UK FinTech established in 2013 specialising in providing retail savings and investment technology platforms. Our technology services assets of £5 bn and over 250,000 retail client accounts in the UK and EU.

Kloudwerk, partnering with Darkbeam, provides the solution to a cyber security consultancy gap in the SME market. A range of affordable subscription-based packages deliver a tailored cyber security service.

Services and Solutions

Class leading, personalised cyber security consultancy.  A monthly subscription service for SMEs at affordable prices.

Partners - We work closely with our clients to understand their business model and IT infrastructure, enabling us to build a cyber security improvement plan. Utilising Darkbeam’s technology, we identify vulnerabilities, highlight key risks, and provide quick and effective solutions to our subscribers.

Service - A monthly call is scheduled to discuss the latest report findings, any changes to the business model and address any concerns. This enables our consultants to keep the security plan updated and relevant. Clients have a permanent point of contact in-between the monthly meetings so we can assist with any issues or questions that may arise.

Supply Chain - We can provide a full supply chain domain risk review. Our user-friendly dashboard and risk rated reporting help large corporate clients identify potential weaknesses and entry points into their business. We can also assist with contacting suppliers via our “GEMS” client management tool.  We follow up directly with any affected SMEs in the supply chain to provide support and issue resolution where required.

Penetration Test – Using an independent accredited specialist, we can provide an annual test that will assess a company’s defences against a realistic cyber-attack, providing assurance that the security plan we have created is effective.

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