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Per Angusta is a cloud-based Procurement Performance Management solution that provides increased visibility into the strategic sourcing process, enabling better collaboration and transparency, and providing comprehensive savings reporting to show the value provided by procurement. Representing businesses of all sizes in the public and private sectors, Per Angusta enables procurement teams to be more agile and productive. Combining flexibility and an intuitive user experience, Per Angusta is the optimal procurement ecosystem with more than 30 out-of-the-box software integrations.

Services and Solutions

Procurement organisations face many challenges in their day-to-day job:

  • Making an informed decision when you award a contract is critical and there are more and more dimensions to take into account.
  • Managing a portfolio of supplier in a fast-moving world needs an almost up-to-the-minute visibility on your suppliers and their potential risk exposure. 

Cyber threats are an oft-overlooked aspect in both sourcing decisions and supplier management.

By integrating Darkbeam data into Per Angusta buyers can now have a 360° view of their suppliers to make the right decision at the right moment, with all dimensions covered – not just cost or CSR.

Awards and Recognitions 

50 TO KNOW Spend Matters List in 2020
50 TO WATCH Spend Matters List in 2019
50 TO WATCH Spend Matters List in 2018

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