Darkbeam is the company dedicated to protecting your supply chain from ransomware.

Ransomware in the
Supply Chain

Every 11 seconds, a ransomware attack is launched on the internet. Data is stolen. Supplies are disrupted.

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Scanning (1)

Darkbeam's proprietary dark web monitoring systems are constantly scanning for new ransomware attacks against companies. Some of the ransomware attacks found in the last 7 days include:




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Ransomware and cyber crime in general are inherently technical. Managing the risk they present to supply chains can be a time-consuming, highly specialist task.
Darkbeam’s Supplier Cyber Risk Management Service takes the workload off your busy Procurement team and delivers solutions rather than questions. With no need for internal resource (in time or expertise), Procurement leaders gain near-instant visibility of risk levels across their supply chain, with accurate reporting and even dark web monitoring of critical suppliers. 
All for significantly less than it would cost to manage this responsibility in-house. Supplier risk scores can even be integrated into your existing Vendor Management platforms, so the process becomes even more seamless. 
Supplier Cyber Risk Management Service
Even if you have an internal cyber resource dedicated to Supplier Cyber Risk Management, a lack of automation or access to the right tools can significantly hamper efficiency. 
Darkbeam’s powerful Supplier Cyber Risk Management platform combines sub-3 second risk reporting for every supplier in your supply chain with dark web scanning of critical suppliers. Giving your team the visibility they need to manage risk and reduce costs across your supplier base. 
Moving past moment-in-time analysis, Darkbeam’s platform offers continuous monitoring of entire categories, with multi-level reporting (of categories and individual suppliers to make ongoing monitoring even more efficient. 
Supplier Cyber Risk Management Platform

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Whose responsibility is cyber security in the supply chain?

In many of the organisations we speak to, responsibility for cyber risk has not been formally assigned to any department. This means it sits between the Procurement and Cyber teams - with neither taking the necessary steps to protect the supply chain and the business itself. 

When Procurement teams start managing cyber risk among their suppliers, they protect their operations from costly disruption and reputational (or even regulatory) harm. When they do it with Darkbeam, they don't even add to their workload. 

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Start protecting your supply chain from ransomware attacks. 

Darkbeam works with FTSE 100 companies, Professional Services Firms and even government departments to control cyber risk among suppliers. 

Our fully managed Supplier Cyber Risk Management Service takes the work off your hands, providing the expertise, tools and frameworks at a fraction of the cost of managing it in-house. 

You'll gain a more resilient supply chain, increased risk visibility and high-level reporting. Your team will gain all the benefits of Supplier Cyber Risk Management with none of the headaches.