We've developed a range of tools to help you minimise your cyber exposure and intelligently secure your way of working.
Digital Risk Reports

Understand the threats hidden across your IT landscape and mitigate them faster than ever before with a Darkbeam Digital Risk report.​

The detailed diagnostic report gives you instant insights across your cyber exposure including breached credentials, DNS, SSL and servers.

Third Party Risk

Intelligently visualise your third party digital risk for deeper security insights and faster threat remediation. ​

Discover the vulnerabilities in your online connections with vendors and partners to avoid data breaches, ransomware and fraud attacks via third parties.

Darkbeam Platform

Automate the most complex elements of your digital risk processes and prioritise vulnerabilities across multiple organisations and domains.

Our non-invasive platform delivers a real-time view of risks so you can drill down into the detail and respond to threats immediately.



The way we work has rapidly changed in recent years, with most organisations collaborating closely with suppliers and partners to drive efficiencies and improve productivity. 

As increasing volumes of sensitive data and documents are shared online, the connections between organisations and their people, places and devices have become a major target for attackers hoping to breach customer databases, deploy ransomware of commit fraud. 

Darkbeam helps procurement and supply chain professionals to instantly assess the digital risk and external cyber exposure of your suppliers, categories and business units so you can make purchasing decisions with confidence.


Attacks targeting MSPs are on the rise, as cybercriminals consistently find innovative new ways to harvest admin credentials and use remote access tools to infect an entire client base with ransomware.

With the increase in privacy-focused regulations such as GDPR, avoiding a data breach has become essential. The penalties are harsh for MSPs who do not take digital risk seriously: security breaches are the number one reason an MSP loses a client.

At Darkbeam, we help MSPs to significantly reduce the attack surface of your client base, boost your compliance service offering and automate your external cyber threat detection activities.

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