Graduating into a different class

January 22, 2021


Charles Clark, CEO

At Darkbeam, we are passionate about being a fast-scaling UK cyber security company. 

Having a mandate to innovate and disrupt some of the larger players in our sector, while fixing a very contemporary problem, is interesting work. 

However, in a fast-growing and highly competitive market alongside a lot of talented competition, even the most experienced teams can benefit from support.

This is why, 12 months ago, we joined LORCA. 

Funded by DCMS and delivered alongside organisations such as Deloitte, the program brings together investors, academics, end-users and the wider cyber community to help a select set of promising UK cyber companies scale more effectively. 

LORCA gave us access to a high calibre network of individuals, who have helped shape our business for the future, as well as an impressive array of technical and educational resources.  

And with an alumni that includes companies such as CyberOwl, Security Alliance and Heimdal Security – we are hoping it stands us in good stead to emulate similar growth. 

Graduating today is another successful waypoint in our company journey.  We leave the program with a significantly expanded team, improved technology, better resources and more customers. 

Thank you very much to the team at LORCA, Plexal for being such a great host (when we were not locked down) and to all the founders and team members at our fellow alumni businesses. 


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