Press release: A Secure Vendor Credential & Protection Platform Now Checks Digital Cyber Risk

CyberPassport has partnered with Darkbeam to offer the complete vendor credential portal for suppliers and procurement teams in higher education across the United States.

CyberPassport has added another dimension to its vendor compliance and cyber assessment transfer programme by integrating Darkbeam’s third party digital risk data into their ‘passport’ credential. Using this verified CyberScore – updated in real-time - colleges and universities can now have instant visibility of their ‘ever-changing’ digital risk landscape and make informed decisions to reduce their risk profile. 

Like a traditional passport used for travel, CyberPassport holds all the relevant documentation required to ‘gain entry’ into an educational institution and successfully be awarded a contract of work. This platform enables vendors to verify and maintain their cybersecurity credentials across a network of institutions. This includes automating key information transfer like HECVAT data, digital risk information, remediation services and a custom cyber insurance programme.  

Charles Clark, CEO, of Darkbeam, said: “We are delighted to be integrated into such an innovative vendor risk management platform. We believe reducing cyber risk should be everyone’s responsibility and that vendors and procurement teams need to work together in combating supply chain and third-party cyberattacks. With CyberPassport vendors can now fulfil and proactively manage their ‘passport’ and more easily understand and satisfy emerging cyber security standards.

“Darkbeam’s digital cyber assessment tools are an essential part of CyberPassport’s portal that enables colleges and universities, at no cost to them, to assess and provide greater visibility into cyber risks caused by third parties.  Together, CyberPassport and the Darkbeam integration enables schools to quickly implement measures to strengthen their cyber posture by maintaining vital vendor documents including proper cyber insurance certificates,” says Todd Bankofier, Co-Founder & Managing Director of CyberPassport.

CyberPassport is an easy-to-implement vendor compliance and cyber assessment transfer program that helps colleges and universities reduce the cyber risk created by vendors as well as enables vendors to more rapidly fulfil the assessment requirements of other higher education institutions. More information can be found at


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